Hello Fall!

Whoa, how is it fall already?! Was everyone else's summer as busy as ours?!  I promise I haven't disappeared, just been really busy, filling orders, enjoying summer with the little ones!

In July, CJJ debuted at the JA Show's New Designer Gallery in NYC, and what a success it was! We got amazing exposure and new accounts (check out their features soon). It was exhilirating to see what other designers are doing and be around the energy and excitement of it all! 

That inspiration has got me started on some new, glitzier pieces for fall/holiday, coming soon.... 

  Yes, that's a diamond...

  Yes, that's a diamond...

Boutique Showcase - Ooh! Aah!

I am thrilled to report that this month's boutique showcase is "Ooh! Aah! Jewelry!" With 2 locations, one in Albuquerque and one in Denver, you can't go wrong. As a gal living in Santa Fe, when I want to get away to a bigger city, those 2 are my first choices. The mother daughter team running the shops are pretty amazing and creative, just check out their site, and stellar blog (CJJ pieces are featured :))! Even more, go visit! 

Boutique Showcase - Abacus!

Everything at CJJ has been going so well lately (look out for the latest shoot photos soon)! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such awesome and talented people! 

It's crazy to think back 7 years ago when I was at a jewelry show and I met Dana from Abacus. He is a very talented artist himself, so we immediately bonded over our mutual love of craft. On top of his own work, he and his amazing staff run 5 stores in New England (my home). 

Thank you Abacus for another year of orders. I am pleased to be apart of your collection of  artists that sell handmade jewelry.

Boutique Showcase - Lark & Key!

One of my favorite parts of CJJ is finding and developing relationships with new stores all over the country, and I have decided that once a month, I am going to share one with you!

I just love hearing the stories about how and why people started their business and what makes them tick. 

My first boutique showcase Lark & Key,  is a lovely gallery/store in Charlotte, NC headed by an adorable husband and wife team, Sandy & Duy. Read more about them here. 

Photoshoot Fun!

This weekend we had our first photo shoot of the year for the new CJJ catalogue! My favorite local boutique Cupcake Clothing supplied the most beautiful garments to accent our lovely model and CJJ pieces!

We are so lucky to be having such a glorious winter here in Santa Fe. Nicole shot outside in beautiful light, and no one froze! Stay tuned for the look book early next month! 

Travel Inspirations!

I just cannot believe it's 2014 already! How time flies!  Over the holidays, my family and I were lucky enough to spend time in Palm Springs, CA. Have you ever been? It's just beautiful, almost stuck in time (except for all of the ultra hip hotels and restaurants), full of mid-century modern architecture and design. This is one of my favorite styles, so I was thrilled to be surrounded by it!

Since then, I have been wearing these CJJ pieces everyday.... Can you see why?

Girls Night Out with CJJ!

Awesome photo collage by lovely Birdgirl photographer, Nicole. 

Awesome photo collage by lovely Birdgirl photographer, Nicole. 

Last week, CJJ had a "Girls Night Out" Holiday Event, and guests enjoyed holiday shopping!

Many thanks to hosts Blair and Nicole for making delicious cocktails and treats to go with the latest CJJ creations (displayed beautifully if I do say so)!

The night was a great success, everyone leaving with gifts (for others and themselves)! I can't wait to do it again!



Handcrafting Halloween!

This year for Halloween, my nails got dressed up! With two kiddos to get suited, I couldn't harness the energy to think of something for myself. I was however, so inspired by everyone's obsession with nail art that I dressed my nails up quite a bit. Halloween naturally lends itself to ghosts and jack o' lanterns, so it wasn't difficult to think of designs.

In doing this, I also came to this wonderful realization that CJJ goes perfectly with more opulent nails! Because my designs are so simple and clean, a busier nail is an excellent compliment. 

Check out my fancy hands putting the finishing touches on my daughter's monster costume below!  

PB&J...It's all about accessorizing!

Who doesn't love a beautifully designed leather catch-all bag?

(no one)

I have known Scabby Robot Designer Jill since 2007.  She and I have been running accessories businesses with a passion for making pieces that are not only wearable, but durable too (ultra important, especially if you have little ones)!

 It feels great to stay connected creatively with someone that I admire and love!  We are a perfect pair, for friendship and collaboration!(Just check out the pics above, each of us rocking our styles). 

That's why I am obsessed with Scabby Robot! Handmade in San Francisco by the lovely Jill. CJJ jewelry and Scabby Robot go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our designs are both simple and classic, easy and elegant.

Truly perfect for everyday, both made by hand, with love and care. 

Source: http://www.scabbyrobot.com/

Falling for Rose Gold...

Can't decide to get gold or silver? How about skipping straight to rose gold? I have added some pieces to the collection, and I am obsessed! It's strong and glam, but less flashy than yellow gold. There is something so special about this metal. Whatever the style, it looks antique, like there is a greater story behind it, and let's face it, there usually is...


The Videos Are Finished!

Two months after the Lights, Camera, CJJ post, my husband and I have finished editing two videos he shot for my website. One is the Fall 2013 look book that lives on the welcome page of the site and the other is a little piece he shot of me in the studio this past winter which is on the 'about' page. We are both really excited to have finally incorporated video into the repertoire here at CJJ and we look forward to generating more in the future. We're already brainstorming the Spring 2014 look book!
The song playing behind the look book is by a duo based in Copenhagen called My Bubba. The concept for the video, while a very simple one, fit perfectly with a jingle My Bubba wrote for a wedding. The edit of the video was finished for a week while we looked for a song that fit the video (quite a backwards way of working, I understand). Once we came across My Bubba, I knew we had found the sound we were looking for and it was only a matter of listening to a few songs before we found a jingle they wrote for a wedding. Without any exaggeration, we had to adjust only a few frames in the edit to make it fit perfectly with the song. Serendipitous to say the least. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
 visit My Bubba!
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